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How to Change Registered Office Address?

Changing the registered office address of a company can be a necessary step in the growth and development of a business. To change the registered office address of your company, you must follow a series of steps to ensure that the process is completed legally and efficiently.

The first step is to check the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) of your company. The MOA and AOA are legal documents that outline the rules and regulations of your company, including the registered office address.

If the MOA and AOA allow for the change of registered office address, you can proceed with the process.

The next step is to hold a board meeting to approve the change of registered office address. During the meeting, a resolution must be passed to approve the change and authorize a director or company secretary to file the necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies.

The resolution should also specify the new address and provide a reason for the change.

Once the resolution has been passed, you must file Form INC-22 with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days of the change. Form INC-22 is a form that notifies the Registrar of Companies of the change of registered office address.

The form must be accompanied by supporting documents, such as proof of ownership or rental agreement for the new office address, and a copy of the board resolution approving the change.

After filing Form INC-22, you must also publish a notice of the change in a newspaper that is circulated in the area where the new registered office is located.

The notice must be published at least once in a newspaper that is in circulation in the state or union territory where the registered office is situated. Once the notice has been published, you must file Form INC-28 with the Registrar of Companies to confirm that the notice has been published.

Form INC-28 is a form that confirms that the notice of change of registered office address has been published in a newspaper. The form must be filed within 30 days of the publication of the notice.

Finally, once all the necessary forms and documents have been filed and published, you must update your company’s letterhead, website, and other official materials to reflect the new registered office address.

You should also inform any relevant authorities, such as the Income Tax Department, banks, and other regulatory bodies, of the change in address. By following these steps and consulting with legal experts and local authorities, you can smoothly and legally update your company’s registered office address to reflect your business’s new location or operational needs.

Remember that specific requirements and procedures can vary, so always refer to the relevant regulations in your jurisdiction to ensure full compliance.


As we all know, altering your registered office address is a procedural yet significant step for a business. CSC Digital Seva services will provide you with a protocol and give careful attention to legal requirements and documentation support to ensure a seamless transition. Communicating the change promptly to stakeholders is crucial, fostering transparency and compliance.

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By methodically updating official records and adhering to regulatory guidelines, you not only maintain legal integrity but also signal adaptability. Digital Seva services focus on the strategic decisions i.e., relocation of your registered office reflects a commitment to growth and operational efficiency, positioning your business for continued success.

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